Entertainment Law

As an experienced entertainment lawyer, I can handle all of your entertainment legal needs, including reviewing or writing contracts, handling trademarks and copyrights, and negotiating individual or company deals.

What is Entertainment Law?

Entertainment law combines many categories of law with a focus on providing legal services to those in the entertainment industry.
Entertainment law can involve a variety of intellectual property issues (for example, trademarks, copyrights, the “right of publicity” and trade secrets). It can also include employment law, corporate law, securities law, First Amendment law, advertising law, insurance law and international law.

Why Get an Entertainment Lawyer?

Entertainment lawyers handle the legal needs of artists, employees, companies and individuals involved in the entertainment industry, including motion pictures, television, music, book publishing, theater, radio, web, and video games.
If you have a contract you need reviewed or written in any of these areas, it’s a good idea to work with a good entertainment lawyer to ensure the contract is clear and genuinely serves your interests.

What Do Entertainment Lawyers Do?

Entertainment lawyers write and review contracts for writers, producers, managers, production companies, film studios, agents, publicists, and individual artists to ensure the contracts provide appropriate compensation, benefits, rights and protection.
Entertainment lawyers often act as general counsel for established artists, handling everything from merchandising deals to ongoing intellectual property issues.
Entertainment lawyers secure the rights to use music and books written by others, so that their clients avoid copyright infringement.
Entertainment lawyers also explain the entertainment industry to new clients, so they understand how the business works. This may include how to spot bad deals and where to find a good manager, agent, accountant or business manager (please note, however, that I do not shop screenplays for my clients).
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