Success Stories

“As someone who is involved in different creative industries, I appreciate Melissa’s extensive support, legal guidance, and expert advice over the years. Melissa is prompt, easy to work with, and always had my best interest in mind.” Keili Fernando

Founder of – website

“Melissa has been SO easy to work with, responds quickly and answers all of our questions!” Haylee Crowley

Founder, Whimsy+Wellness — website

“Melissa is extremely knowledgeable and made my trademarking process quick and easy. She was very clear with what she needed from me to efficiently submit everything. I would definitely use her services in the future. I’ve already recommended her to a few friends!” Breana Raquel


“Melissa is direct and willing to give you guidance other attorneys charge far more for. She will ensure you and your project are safe.”

Band Members, Under the Rug

“We were so lucky to have found Melissa! Setting up a corporation was extremely intimidating to us but in working with Melissa, we were instantly put at ease. She made the entire process easy, fast and fun. We can’t thank or recommend her enough!” Hayley Carr and Jennifer MacDonald

Founders of Zipit Bedding “The World’s First Sleeping Bag for Your Bed!” – as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank

“Melissa is impeccable with her research and putting together contracts for our different business and entertainment projects. She is direct and to the point and she gets the job done promptly. We would definitely recommend her to anyone” Katherine Kelly Lang

Fashion Entrepreneur and Actress — website

“Having Melissa help us meant a big success for my company. She worked so hard on making my company’s goals become a reality.” Henry Chan

CEO of Fashion Startup

“It helps to work with people who treat you like family. I’ve been working with Melissa since we registered our first trademark 4 years ago, which now has become a reputable brand. She made the whole process flow seamlessly. It gives us great peace of mind knowing that we can rely on her to get the job done right.” Guillermo Ramos

President of Bonafini Enterprises, Inc., a Footwear Company — website

“Melissa is a pleasure to work with, and she has been very versatile with the types of legal work she has been able to take care of. I pay the most significant compliment by referring to friends, and I have referred many to Melissa!” Joseph DiSanto

Co-Founder of Therapy, Inc. post-production company — website

“Melissa is a dream come true for creative entrepreneurs. From the moment we met it was clear she had a genuine interest in helping me begin and build a healthy business. Her excellent communication skills, remarkable patience, and incredible wealth of legal knowledge are second to none, and I’m thrilled to have found her.” K. Tighe

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Poor Taste Media online guide to food and culture — website

“Working with Melissa on Trademarks is a pleasant experience. With excellent knowledge of the subject and an efficient work ethic, she made obtaining the necessary federal authorizations for our business stress free.”
Brandon Kraines

Film and Television Director — website

“Melissa has been a huge asset to me in building my business. She is careful in protecting my interests when I make deals with clients, and she is great at explaining all my options so I can make smart decisions.” Celia de Flers

Founder of Celia de Flers Designs, LLC jewelry company— website

“Melissa’s personal service has been hugely beneficial as our business has grown from a plan and a logo to a brand and a product.”
Chris and Will Haughey

Founders of Tegu® green toy manufacturer — website

“I came to Melissa fearing lawyers more than dentists, but in her capable hands, I am now comfortable dealing with the legal side of my music business.”
Joanna Stevens

Singer/Songwriter — website

“I was new to the wholesale product industry when I hired Melissa to help me with a variety of Trademarks. She was very helpful in guiding me through the process and explaining what I should expect. She’s now completed several Trademarks for me. Having a very busy schedule it’s a big help that I can feel comfortable telling her my needs and let her take it over and get it done! “
Jennifer McKay

CEO Pure Designs For Living, LLC gift products designer and manufacturer — website

“When I started my first company, Melissa helped me with all of my legal needs. We are happy to have her on board for every project we do and partnership we form.”
Branislav Gjorcevski

Owner and CEO of Cutting Edge Intelligence web development company — website

“Melissa is a wonderful person to work with she explains things clearly and methodically which I as a creative person appreciate. Every time I come In for a meeting she is already up to speed and I as a busy person appreciate her great use of time.”
Cher Coulter

Celebrity Stylist and Designer

“Melissa understands the needs of inventors and artists like myself, who have to protect their intellectual property. She does this while explaining everything to you so you understand the process.”
Julie Austin

Inventor of Swiggies® patented water bottles — website

“Melissa has been the most pleasant and efficient attorney I have encountered in my career. I look forward to her continued guidance and professional advice.”
John Adams

President of Seaglass Pictures independent film company

“Melissa has been there for me through a variety of Hollywood legal issues. Whether it’s recording contracts or management agreements, she’s more than just a skillful legal professional. She also brings a unique business perspective to the table with unbiased advice, insightful counsel and entertainment industry expertise.”
David Hernandez

2008 American Idol® Finalist — on the web

“I had just won a music award and that should have been one of the happiest times of my life, instead it turned to a nightmare due to legal issues. I felt the world was collapsing and I had no control of it…. I got in contact with Melissa and she was instantaneously responsive. I’ve always been afraid of lawyers but she made it so easy. Melissa understood my situation and with her extensive legal knowledge, and she put sunshine back into my life. “
Stephanie Batailler

Songwriter and Film Director — website

“Melissa is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer and she also exhibits the traits of a good teacher. She taught me the specifics of trademark laws and made sure that I understood them. She also gave me tips on how I can improve sales, copyright my artwork and save money while doing it! If you contact her you will be glad you did!”
Jennifer Turn bull

Fine Artist

“As first time business owners, we are impressed by the fact that Melissa continues to treat us with the utmost patience and professionalism. We feel she is concerned with not only the legal welfare of our business, but our overall success by understanding the nature of our industry and helping guide us in a positive direction. We look forward to a bright future having her as part of our team.”
Jennifer MacDonald & Hayley Carr

Inventors of Zipit Bedding bedding manufacturer — website

“Melissa has helped us tremendously in navigating the variety of legal issues that we encounter as a production company. She has always been extremely efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with.”
Tristan Drew

Executive Producer of A Common Thread® production company — website

“We found the legal services of Melissa online and we are very thankful that we contacted her. She explained everything in detail and responded quickly. Melissa also translated our legal documents into Spanish! We will definitely contact Melissa Dagodag the next time we need professional legal services.
Miguel Castorena

CEO & Founder of Todo Para Mi Fiesta advertising services — website

“Just the thought of working with a lawyer can get intimidating, but it is the exact opposite with Melissa. She speaks to you as an equal and thoroughly explains everything. What I appreciate the most is that she is clear and genuine.”
Sara Musci

Managing Member, Sasa Brands, LLC home accessories designer and manufacturer

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