Music Law

I have an extensive background in music law, and I was also Vice President at a music publishing company. I provide a wide range of music industry services for my clients.

What is Music Law?

Music law is a subcategory of entertainment law. The music business involves recording, publishing, licensing, concert promotion, merchandising and talent management.  It is is made up of a wide variety of legal concepts, music business customs, practices, rules, statutes, regulations, case law, and legal principles that have a particular application to the creation, production, distribution, and marketing of music.

Why Get a Music Lawyer?

If you have a music-related contract you need reviewed or written, have a band or record label, represent talent, or are an independent artist, producer, or songwriter, you might want to contact a music lawyer.

What Do Music Lawyers Do?

Music lawyers handle transactional (contract) needs including drafting, negotiating and reviewing music contracts for their clients. Essentially, music lawyers represent their clients’ interests and maximize the rights and revenue available to their clients.
For clients new to the music industry, music lawyers often explain the ins and outs of the music business.
My music law practice focuses on recording agreements for record labels and individual artists, management agreements, record producer agreements, songwriter agreements, publishing agreements, copyright protection, and licensing musical works for use in film and television (“master use licenses” and “synch licenses”). Please note that I do not shop bands or artists for record or publishing deals.
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