I provide legal services to fit your needs and resources. I can handle one or two specific projects, or I can serve as your General Counsel — managing a wide array of your legal needs.

My job is to help you create, protect and grow your business. In the process of advising you about your legal options, I offer preventative legal medicine whenever possible to avoid common pitfalls.

My Services Include:

Registering Trademarks

Consulting with you about your desired trademark; conducting a trademark search to determine the registrability of your trademark; applying for your trademark; notifying you of the outcome; advising you about what maintenance is required.

Registering Copyrights

Determining which kind of copyright applies to your work; applying for U.S. copyrights.

Forming Corporations, Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

Determining your business structure needs; filing Articles of Organization, Incorporation, or Partnership documentation with the California Secretary of State; obtaining your Federal EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS; drafting your Bylaws, Operating Agreement, or Partnership Agreement; and explaining what maintenance is required.

Preparing, Reviewing and Negotiating Contracts

Analyzing your business and legal needs and drafting agreements to maximize your rights and minimize your liabilities. I include what’s important in your agreement, from necessary boilerplate to all the points that meet your specific needs.
Typical contracts include: Operating Agreements and Bylaws, partnership, dissolution, non-disclosure, employment, trade secret, entertainment, trademark and copyright licensing, buy-sell, publishing, sale of business, recording artist, record producer, and many more.

Writing Cease and Desist Letters

Writing clear and forceful cease and desist letters, specific to your case, that state, “Stop your infringement or else!”

Infringement Settlement

Negotiating infringement settlements and drafting agreements.

Preparing Collection Letters

Drafting clear, firm letters to collect money you are owed. Finalizing settlement terms with the opposition.

Preparing Business Plans

Determining your business and marketing needs. Drafting or revising business plans for investors and to refine your goals. Drafting executive summaries, marketing plans and related documents to make your business plan more effective.

Organizing Business Teams

Clarifying what kinds of help you need to make your venture successful, and then putting you in touch with the right people.

Providing Advice and Research on Your Legal Issues

Researching your specific legal issues, presenting you with your options, and advising you about which options best meet your needs.


I combine excellent legal advice with an understanding of real world business. This helps me serve your legal and business interests effectively. For more information on my background, see my bio.
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