My approach to the law (including trademark law, copyright law, music law, fashion law, entertainment law and corporate law) is rooted in an understanding of what it is to be a client. These principles guide me:

Preventative Legal Medicine is part of lawyer Melissa K. Dagodag’s approach:

It is almost always better to prevent a problem than it is to react to one. I use my experience to spot potential legal issues and work hard to prevent problems before they occur.

Effective Communication is part of lawyer Melissa K. Dagodag’s approach:

I strive to help you clearly understand the legal issues you face, and as much as possible, I speak in plain English.

Respect for Creativity is part of lawyer Melissa K. Dagodag’s approach:

Creative people can think differently, and I appreciate that. When it’s helpful, I can think outside the box and am able to relate well to my creative clients.

Ethical, Efficient, and Effective Work is part of lawyer Melissa K. Dagodag’s approach:

I keep my clients’ issues confidential, and I only provide services that my clients and I agree are in their best interest.