Fashion Law

My experience in the fashion world includes being former Business Affairs Counsel at BCBG. I provide a wide range of fashion law services for new and existing businesses.

What is Fashion Law?

Fashion law is the area of law that deals with intellectual property law (copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets and licensing), business law, employment law, Internet law and customs law (import and export issues) as they relate to the fashion industry.

Why Get a Fashion Lawyer?

If you have questions about fashion-related contracts, business structures for your new company, or protecting your brand, it’s a good idea to hire a fashion lawyer to give you some practical advice and to take steps to protect and grow your business.

What Do Fashion Lawyers Do?

Fashion lawyers handle everything from helping you start your own label for apparel or accessories to ensuring that your rights are protected as a designer, company owner and / or employee.
Fashion lawyers can give you advice about what designs may be protected through copyrights and what brand names might be a good choice from a legal perspective. Fashion lawyers can also help ensure that you own artwork and designs that you have paid someone else to create.
As your fashion business grows, fashion lawyers can also protect your business with clear employment contracts and licensing and distribution agreements, as well as provide contacts with other business professionals (see My Team).

Article on Fashion Law

Some proposed laws really would make a difference to the industry. See the article I published in the Los Angeles Daily Journal on fashion law.
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